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No, I'm not looking to "whack" someone. My family owns a commercial space in Flatbush and our last tenant left behind a lot of garbage. Do you know of a good and relatively inexpensive waste management service we could use? Any good ones on Craigslist?

Also, we're not interested in contacting the former tenants if this was their responsibility. They owe us half a year of rent and we had to take them to court. We suspect all the garbage left behind may have been a malicious act.
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Response by poster: Oops, bad askme, posting.

I'm searching for a waste management service in Brooklyn if that wasn't made clear.
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My company uses Action Carting. I don't know their prices, but my boss is, um, frugal, and I doubt he would hire a pricey service.
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Depending on the amount you may want to look at the waste bags they sell at Lowe's and Home Depot. Buy the bag for about $30, and then schedule a pickup. I think the pick up is usually around $90 depending on where you are.
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Opps never mind, they dont service Flatbush.
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