That box is the Special File in New York
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What are the reference points for the final scene of the Office (US) Season 2 Episode 21, "Conflict Resolution?"

(For those who haven't seen it, I am sorry I am not tech savvy enough to find and link the clip)

At the end of the episode in question Toby takes a file folder box full of complaints and puts it on a shelf filled with rows and rows of boxes that look exactly the same. This is my favorite scene of the US office because, to me, it represents the mundanity of office work specifically, and life in general.

Recently I saw a movie that ended the same way, with someone pushing a crate into a warehouse full of crates that looked exactly the same. What movie is this?

i am interested to know about similar instances in TV/Film/Literature. The end of "Spartacus" comes to mind.
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That's from the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark
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You can read a description of that scene on Wikipedia under "Plot".
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Here's a low quality youtube clip of that scene.
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The scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark is meant to me much more ominous than the haha-office-work-is-boring-and-repetitive scene in the office, in case you're trying to draw thematic comparisons.
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Ha, someone actually did a mashup of this already.
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That also shows up in the first and last episodes of the first season of the X-Files, as a closing scene.
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OK, Cool. "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

The scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark is meant to me much more ominous than the haha-office-work-is-boring-and-repetitive scene in the office

Maybe, maybe. I don't know. That scene in the Office always fills me with dread and gives me that kind of empty feeling.
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The Office scene is meant to invoke the mundane, meaningless, never-changing world that Toby lives in.

The Raiders scene is meant to be an ironic twist that works on several different levels at once.

* The Ark is literally a divine artifact, and it's being stored in a dim, faceless warehouse.
* Indy tells Marion that the Army doesn't know what they're dealing with. Not only do they not know, they don't care to know. It's enough for them that Hitler's plan has been foiled.
* About the mid-point of the movie, Belloq, the villain, makes a speech about artifacts -- he contrasts how his cheap watch is worthless today, but if you bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it will become priceless. On the other hand, the Ark is priceless right now, but it's going to be buried anyway.
* The Army official says they have "top men" working on the problem. Umm, yeah.
* After all the adventure and peril, the Ark is once again lost, but in different circumstances.
* The shot of the warehouse visually evokes the "map room" of the lost city of Tanis. Men created a puzzle to hide the Ark, and now the Ark is hidden within another puzzle that sorta-kinda looks similar.
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