Opinions on Kindles with "special offers"?
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Can anyone tell me about their experience with a "special offers" Kindle?

When I first heard about this, I was violently opposed to the idea of having advertising on an ebook reader. Now, though, after reading the blurb, it doesn't sound THAT bad; in fact, it almost sounds GOOD, with tantalizing mentions of Amazon gift cards and Kindle books for $1, but I don't know if I should take these claims seriously. So, if anybody out there has one, I would love to hear what you think -- good/bad/don't care/whatever. If it makes any difference, this will be my first purchase of an ebook reader.
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I don't have experience, but it appears that Amazon has circumvented jailbreaking on the special offers Kindles, which would make it impossible to replace the ads. You may want to stay tuned and see if that changes over the next few weeks.

I run my non special offers Kindle with different screen savers (usually B&W pictures of space), and couldn't be happier.
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There are several threads re the deals offered on these over at slickdeals-might want to check them out.
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Tack-on question: Is there a way to "pay up," and pay the difference if you get tired of the ads?
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Why put up with ads forever when if you scratch together $40 more, you can buy an ad-free Kindle?
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BitterOldPunk: It's not even $40...it's $25 difference for both models.
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Best answer: I have one and maybe it's because I don't have any other Kindle experience to reference, but the ads don't bother me at all. I don't really notice them, they don't impact my reading at all (no ads on the pages or anything like that) and it's a total non issue for me. The ads are only the screensaver and home page, they're full sheet on the screensaver and minimal on the home page and on the bottom. I do like the extra deals I got with it, though.
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Best answer: Lots of threads on this topic at the Amazon Kindle Forum on Amazon
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Wow, shades of Philip K. Dick... when is it that we start having to pay to keep the walls in our homes free of advertising, again?
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Do you use Ad-block? Pay the extra $25.

Don't care about advertisements? Get the cheaper one.

Personally, I've seen the regular Kindle on Craigslist for the same price or less than the ad-supported one.
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As an alternative, check out used Kindle 2s - 3G is included, and many people prefer the slightly larger form factor (trade paperback size). Woot had them recently for $95 shipped, and you can get them off Amazon for roughly $100-110 generally.
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