Sufjan Stevens acoustic banjo??
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Where can I find some more hopefully banjo heavy acoustic Sufjan Stevens songs. My brother is obsessed with them and I want to find one like this.

Thanks for any help in advance. It would be great if it was Sufjan alone and not with a band.
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Response by poster: PS: I am the girl who bought a banjo (and has been taking lessons) because of this thread.
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His entire album Seven Swans is mostly him, banjo and some light back up singing, if I'm not mistaken.
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Response by poster: Do you know where I could find that sheet music on the internet? I'd like to learn them.
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Seven Swans! There's also a few great banjo songs on The Avalanche (I like this one the most) plus this cover of Lakes of Canada which I don't think appears on any albums. One thing to note: Sufjan Stevens basically plays his banjo like it's a four-string guitar, so if you're learning Scruggs or clawhammer it's not going to help you much. That said, his banjo songs are mostly pretty easy to play - I bet you could pick All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands after spending an hour with this tab (that is, if you read tabulature).
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Vito's Ordination Song!

Also much of Michigan and yes, Seven Swans.

Looks like this site has some Sufjan Banjo tabs, among others.
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