Two wheels, a canyon and a long way around.
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Advice on bicycling the rim of the grand canyon

I was trying to come up with something new for the bucket list and someone suggested this. However the research on it that I've found isn't super clear. So a few details.

- I'm a decent bicyclist with a bike that's somewhere between casual bike and mountain bike.
- The longest ride I've ever done was 18 miles.

So my questions on this are pretty wide. IS it possible? How much of it is a paved path for biking and how much is terrain? How many days should you allocate for it? Are there any permits you need to get from states or indian reservations? Is my bike okay or should I rent one? Are there any tips you can give on what you should take in while you bike or additional complimentary activities?

I'm hoping to do this in the summer but I'm also open to changing it depending on what advice you mefites provide
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North or South rim ?

At the south, there's a trail on the rim, but I don't recall if bikes are allowed on it.

There is also a road that sort-of follows the trail. Part of the road are closed to traffic, save for the shuttle buses that will take folks to the trail heads etc. However, IIRC, there ain't much to see from the road.
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All your questions, answered.
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As an alternative in the same general area, that actually does allow mountain biking along the single-track trail along the 'rim' area, I would suggest the Virgin River Rim trail.
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Also see if the Adventure Cycling Association's Grand Canyon Connector Map would be helpful.
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