Translate my clothing from Japanese for me
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Japanese translation filter: What does my ant-zen hoodie say?

Here's a picture. Many years ago I knew what it meant, I don't recall anymore though.
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Best answer: 君達は警告された
kimi-tachi wa keikoku sareta

I believe this would translate through to "You guys have been warned." It uses the common form, it's not formal or polite, although it's not as rude as it could be.

Someone with more experience actually living in Japan and speaking the language day-to-day will have to tell you if it is natural Japanese or not. It's grammatically sound though (it's a pretty simple sentence).
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By the way, if you search for that phrase in quotes, you get two results both of which answer this same question. This suggests to me that this isn't a very common phrase in Japanese but maybe something that got put through Google translate from another language. Probably you'd say something like "君達に注意された” if you were to say such a thing at all...
</probably more than you cared to know>
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er, probably wouldn't use に in the above form since I believe that suggests who was the person warning, rather than who got warned...
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks for the help!
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It's unlikely to be used much in real Japanese, because the meaning translates closer to "You [plural] have been issued a warning." Not a particularly common phrase in English, either.
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Yes, this is a fairly unnatural expression.
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