How to move a LLC out of state?
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We're moving our tiny LLC to a new state. How Do?

We're moving to a neighboring state soon and our garage LLC needs to pack up as well. We started the LLC in Massachusetts about two years ago and we'll be re-locating to Rhode Island.

How do we go about shuffling the business southward with the lowest cost to the LLC and the fewest headaches for ourselves?
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Just because you started an LLC in one state doesn't mean it can't do business elsewhere.

But you're going to need to contact counsel in Rhode Island to see about registering with the Secretary of State in Providence, so you'd be better off just letting him handle the rest of the details.
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I am an attorney, but I am not your attorney. This is not legal advice.

There are several possible issues: foreign entity registration or incorporation, sales tax, etc. You should hire a competent attorney—likely one in Rhode Island—to set things up. I recommend a fixed fee arrangement in order to keep costs manageable. The attorney may also be willing to lower costs by having you file some of the paperwork.
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