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First Ecommerce site: What considerations do I have for sales to other countries? (tax, censorship, ??) Or am I overthinking this?

I'm opening an online store for a print magazine/ebooks/t-shirts that is occasionally risque but generally family friendly and silly (about palindromes). I'm in the USA, in a state (Oregon) with no sales tax. Do I need to worry about either tax or censorship in other countries? (I expect a lot of attention in the UK soon.) Are there certain countries I should not ship to?

Would British libel laws put me at risk for a palindrome such as "Red eel Blair -- a lame, malarial bleeder." ?
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I think you're overthinking some of it and sidetracking yourself from bigger issues - get thee to a lawyer and an accountant before setting up a business - they will assist you.
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Best answer: You are neither charging nor collecting nor disbursing tax in foreign countries. You're fine. Your palindromes are not published in the UK, not would they run afoul of UK libel laws. You're fine.

IANAL but you are overthinking this.
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