Help me furnish a reading nook that's compact, cozy and cheap.
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Help me furnish a reading nook that's compact, cozy and cheap.

I just rearranged my office so I now have a 4' x 4' space for a reading nook next to my desk. I know it's not much, but at least I don't have much money to furnish it with.

Assuming I need a chair, a side table and a lamp, what are some good inexpensive picks for those? I found some good ideas here, but I'm thinking more cheap and compact. Ikea, Target, etc, are fine sources, even preferable.

FWIW, I tend to be a "slouchy" reader, on the couch or in bed.
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POANG CHAIR FROM IKEA. I tend to slouch when I read too, but the poang has been really comfortable for me.
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another vote 4 POANG (+ ottoman)
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Poang for now, Eames lounge chair and ottoman for tomorrow.
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Since space is tight I would get the Poang chair and a separate ottoman/footstool that has storage.
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+n for the Poang. Slouchable and light and compact and it won't take over the space so much. I'm a big guy (tall and wide) and it's been very comfortable in my own little reading corner.

If you go with the storage ottoman, I would recommend looking on overstock rather than ebay - shipping furniture gets expensive without flat shipping. Alternatively, I got my storage bench for about half off at my local discount clothing and housewares retailer that starts with R and rhymes with Boss.
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