Can you point me to existing data on Native American health?
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For work I am making a complete database of all existing (reasonably current) data on Native American health/risk factors. But I know next to nothing about the area. What are some surveys I should look at? It would be especially helpful if the data were at the tribal level of analysis. I'm at a bit of a loss and I'd appreciate any help you could offer! Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: I would start trawling the CDC and Indian Health Services websites, first:

is one link that might be helpful. The IHS is a pretty extensive site, as well.
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Best answer: Here is a list of links on the National Native News website that might have some information for you.
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Best answer: "Medical Anthropology" is a useful search term, coupled to database or to blog, to browse for resources.

I swear I saw a really cool Medical Anthropology database linked here on Metafilter but can't recall where. Within the last month, though, I think.
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Best answer: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has conducted several health status surveys, including one I recently came across where people in Southeast Alaska villages submitted measurements of their health status over the course of several years. Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium also has done a few surveys in the past, although none recently and certainly not to the extent that ANTHC does.
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Best answer: Indian Health Service website could be useful:
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