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I'm being hired as a sub-contractor by a medical services company who provides technicians for a specific task in surgeries. The employer created a new agreement which I have to sign. But it's complicated by multi-states issues. Need legal review of agreement? Methinks yes.

The company is based in Colorado Springs and I reside in California. I will be working in several states such as Texas, Ohio, Illinois and California. The agreement is governed by the State of Colorado laws. For tax, malpractice and legal reasons, I would like someone familiar with Colorado law to advice me regarding the Agreement language, any omitted items, incorporation and my tax situation specifically, who's state income tax am I obligated to pay? Limited resources require not paying a large retainer of hourly to review the document. At this time, all I want is a review of the agreement, implications or omissions and a brief overview of my tax obligations. Any pointers or references are appreciated. Very important to mention, I need to have this done this week if possible.
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So call up a local employment attorney. Most will be able to work with your economic requirements, and retainers are really only used if you're both expecting this to be a long term relationship.

This is going to cost you a few hundred bucks, but probably no more than that. You can probably even get this done on a fee-for-service basis.
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