Seeking mental health professional in Brooklyn or lower Manhattan
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Seeking recommendations for a mental health therapist in North Brooklyn/lower Manhattan.

Hi all. I'm looking for a mental health professional (PhD, PsyD, LCSW, whatever) in the North Brooklyn or lower Manhattan area. Proximity to the L train is very important. I'm interested in pursuing CBT to treat mild depression and destructive thought patterns. I need someone who takes NY STATE HEALTH PLUS or has a VERY VERY GENEROUS SLIDING SCALE. I prefer a female therapist, but it's not necessary. It is also important that this person be laid back and non-judgemental about non-traditional relationships (I will need to be able to discuss past relationships that were open relationships).

Thanks for your help!
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I really like Stephen Lewis. His contact information is here. He is very open to non-traditional relationships and an excellent counselor. He works out of the Union Square area. I can't tell you about what sliding scale he's working with.

This group offers a sliding scale and is originally how I found him. I can't tell you anything about those individual therapists--they used to have information about them which would help you choose someone who is right for you.

Both of those websites suck, so apologies for that!
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