I want a new pair of boots.
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I have a pair of Bates EO2268 boots. There's a lot I like about them, but what I don't like is that after running around in them for a day, my feet are killing me. Please recommend alternatives.

My wife suspects that the stovepipe and relative lack of ankle flexibility (compared to other combat boots, I think they're pretty flexible, but compared to shoes, they definitely are not) is giving me plantar fasciitis, which I guess is possible. The ideal boot would be something that protects my ankles and lower legs, offers stability, a little toe protection, and waterproofing, but is also lightweight, flexible, and sneaker-like. I realize these qualities are probably mutually exclusive.

Bonus points for anything I can get through Zappos
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Best answer: I just read a book about Navy SEALS where the author swears by his Adidas GSG9s. But I think with any boot you are probably going to have to try some on to see how they fit you.
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Good boots are not going to be comfortable or flexible on the first day that you wear them.

No idea if these will get better, but you can't judge a boot by your first day's experience with it. Breaking a pair of boots in can take months.
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Have you tried inserts?
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Response by poster: FWIW, I have had these boots for months.
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Some of them are crazy expensive but you could check out Danner. The factory I used to work in, in certain areas work boots were mandatory and the only boots anybody had were Danners. From Portland though I doubt they are made here of course.
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Maybe these, from shoes for crews.
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Response by poster: I'm going to give those Adidas boots a shot and will report back.
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Response by poster: Just got back from a camping weekend where I wore those Adidas boots during all my waking hours. Feet stayed warm and dry in cold, wet weather, and stayed pretty comfortable even after continuous activity. They're a little slow to get on and off, but that's the only knock I've found against them.
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