Have you seen this coffee mug?
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Have you seen this coffee mug? Please help me find a new one.

This was my favorite mug—good volume, nice heft, and I really, really want another one. My wife bought it years ago at a gift shop in Gardnerville, Nevada, and she saw the same kind at a gift shop in Mt. Rainier National Park last year. We live in Lodi, Calif., but can't seem to find one here.

The bottom appears to say:
4 (?)

Here's the design, and the bottom.

We'd drive a reasonable distance to get one, although I'd prefer an online retailer. Thanks!
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Best answer: That was easy.
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Is there an art school nearby? Post the same as a flyer near the ceramics building as a commissioned project.

Impart to the inquirers as to qualities you like in a coffee mug and have them suggest materials/methods.
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Response by poster: Dammit, halogen, now I'm embarrassed.

But thanks a ton for finding it! Now I know what to search for.
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Here's their store.
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Three minutes? Well played, halogen!
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You beat me to the answer, but: Highly recommended.
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Coffee mugs with BLACK interiors? The answer to every dish washer's dream!
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Thanks! I just found my favorite (and recently broken) mug on that site, too!
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Well, now that's interesting! I took one look at the mug photo and it immediately reminded me of the two mugs I own with totally different designs, but very similar art - sure enough, they're by Mara! As an art teacher, I always get compliments on the mugs (because they're my school coffee mugs) - I'm sure people think I made them! Must buy more.... :)
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Oddly enough, I have one of her mugs, too! Bought it in a sleepy little mountain town in Colorado...
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