Seeking the state of the art in location-based smartphone apps.
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Seeking the state-of-the-art in location-based smartphone (iPhone & Android) apps.

I'd like to survey the field of location-based or locative applications. Apps which interact with or target a particular point in the world, using GPS, or not. I'm specifically seeking tour guide-like apps, like Rama. I'm also interested in augmented reality apps. Finally, if you've had a positive experience with a one-off art installation or custom device, I'd like to hear about that, too. What have you used that's impressed you?

I've seen this and this Many thanks.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if you'd call it augmented reality, but I enjoy long walks using Endomondo. It shows my path through the neighborhood and nearby park, elevation, speed and has audible announcements at way points.
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Best answer: Google's My Tracks is great for Android.
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Response by poster: So little to say on this subject, MetaFilter? I thought you'd have this subject in your pocket.

Here is a blog entry that looks at several interesting location-aware/wayfinding/augmented reality iPhone apps.
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I'm an Android user. God, that sounds like a confession.

Anyway, I'm still shocked by just how good Google Maps is for this kind of thing, especially with Latitude enabled so you can see where your friends are. If you're into Geocaching, C:Geo is great. Layar's a pretty decent augmented reality app too.
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