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I've got a pile of old Zip disks I'd like to investigate... but modern computers haven't got RS232 interfaces, which is what my Zip drive has. Boo! However, I discovered that my wife has a USB ZIp drive! Yay! But there is a problem...

...which is, there's a Zip disk stuck in my wife's USB drive, and when I power up the drive, I get the old click... click... click. Well, maybe the disk is bad... but I can't eject the Zip disk from the drive. I seem to remember that there was a way to do this, but damned if I can remember. Help?

I suppose I could go the route of getting an adaptor from my non-USB drive but I'd rather not spend the money if I can avoid it.
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Best answer: I think Zip drives had a tiny hole at the back to force an eject. Just stick a paper clip in the hole and it should pop out. Ah, here it is. Is the drive like the one at the top on that page?
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Damn. Dayintoday beat me to it. That's the time-honored way of getting the disc out.
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Response by poster: No, that's a non-USB Zip drive. I know that trick... My drive looks like that, but my drive isn't the one with the stuck disk; my wife's is. And there is no pinhole there.
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Response by poster: Oops... my bad. It was there... that hole... but not where I was used to looking for it on my non USB drive. Inserted paperclip and the disk popped right out, Thanks!
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Beware the Click of Death!
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OP: I believe there was no Zip drive with an RS232 interface; yours probably uses the IEEE 1284 interface, aka centronics / parallel. Don't you have a parallel port on your computer?
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knz seems to be right. But I'll note for information's sake that your computer's motherboard probably has an RS232 header; it's just not attached to a physical serial port. An RS232 bracket is cheap and could be installed by pretty much anyone comfortable with a screwdriver.
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There were parallel-port Zip drives and SCSI Zip drives ... no serial, though. The parallel and SCSI models both used DB-25 ports but of opposite genders. You can tell the SCSI models because there's a switch on the back, in between the two ports, for selecting the ID (either 6 or 7, IIRC). I think there's another switch back there to turn termination on and off.

If anyone can make use of a SCSI one, I probably have one or two sitting around. Though it may be easier to get a USB one off of eBay than much around with SCSI if your system isn't already set up with it.
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If it turns out the USB zip drive is experiencing the dreaded "click of death" you might still be able to revert to the old drive, but you'll need to buy a usb adapter. I would first determine whether your drive is a scsi or parallel model (using jtuttle's description about the back switches).
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(although refurbished zip drives are fairly cheap as well)
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