Can you identify these bugs?
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Any idea what these bugs are?

Found these bugs on a couple of my grape leaves. Nasty problem requiring a 'solution' or something I can squish and ignore?
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Looks like aphids. Hard to tell, really. There are a load of aphid management methods out there. Just start hitting the Google. Even if it's not aphids, a lot of insect management programs will work well on other insects not necessarily intended for your specific target. A better picture would also help us clear up if they're actually a parasitic insect or not.
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Best answer: They actually look like lady bug pupa.
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Really hard to see well, but seconding lady bugs based on shape. Try getting a closer look: They start out looking like tiny, stubbly baby alligators with 6 legs. Generally black, at least early on. seems like that get red or yellow banding at some point. Great for controlling aphids, so do not kill! Great picture, snsranch.
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Response by poster: If you click the magnifying glass and then use the zoomer you can see them pretty well (no?)

So aphids or aphid munchers....
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Response by poster: Hmmmm they really did look like this

Now I'm super sad I squished em :(
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Don't feel too bad, I'm very protective of my garden too. If you want, you can always buy a couple of boxes of adults to spread around. They're only a couple of bucks and most nurseries and garden shops have them this time of year.
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