One harm can one blueberry do?
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Ridiculously stupid question: I dropped a fresh blueberry inside my chaise longue, in an area I cannot reach without shredding the whole thing. How much is this going to suck?

This is a pretty cheap piece of furniture and the fruit (single blueberry) dropped down into the depths beneath the attached cushion; there is no way to get to it.

And, yes, this may be the silliest question ever put to AskMe. But hey, it's spring and I'm high on allergy medication. Also, I'm terrified of rodents. How much do I have to fear from mice? Does the stench of rotting fruit lie in my future?
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Best answer: It will probably just dry up like a raisin.
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Best answer: It will probably turn into a blueberry raisin; even if it got moldy and fuzzy, eventually it would just decompose into a tiny liquid stain.

If you don't have mice now, they're not going to stampede into your house for one loose blueberry. I wouldn't worry about this at all.
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Best answer: Any chance you could shove a vacuum cleaner hose down there and try to suck it out?
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Best answer: You won't ever even notice it again.
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Best answer: Yeah, one day you'll turn the couch upside down and a little black pea will fall out and you'll have a moment of confusion as you try to figure out what it is. Or possibly it will just squish into a little stain. Either way, it won't rot or attract pests.
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Best answer: If you hadn't seen it fall in, you'd never know it was there. Relax :)
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Response by poster: Thank you, all of you. You are better than Valium; my fears are at an end.

Off to take more Claritin!
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A hopefully reassuring anecdote: we moved some furniture this weekend and under the bookshelf was a small purplish bump on the floor that I believe was the remains of a blueberry. It was dried to the floor but scrubbed off easily. No rodents in evidence!
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Grandma here.

I recently found a small bunch of grapes (4-5) that had been dropped behind the couch--I haven't bought grapes for at least a month. No smell; no meece.
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My friend had a pumpkin bigger than a softball on top of his television for Halloween. 9 months later when helping him move, we found a flat, grey, dried strange looking husk behind his television. Yup. No mice, roaches, smell, nothing.

(Then again, this is a man who failed to notice the missing medium-sized pumpkin was gone in the first place, so....)
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