Nice spa in nyc?
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Can anyone suggest a nice, not insanely expensive, spa in Manhattan?

I'd like to give a spa certificate as a gift for my cousin, but the only spas I know are in Brooklyn. Can anyone suggest a spa that's in the midtown to downtown part of Manhattan? Something decently priced (under a hundred bucks). I don't need anything crazy - just a massage or maybe a facial or mani/pedi.

I swear I searched the archives, but the only spa recommendations are from years ago!
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I was given a gift certificate to Haven Soho, all the services were very nice.
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When I was living in Manhattan I really liked Tribeca Beauty Spa on Harrison St.
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My GF loves the Great Jones Spa.
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Haven is great. Try to book Andrea for a massage (she only works weekends I think). Plus, Haven has wifi and their pedicure service includes use of an iPad.
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