Copying music to PC from iPhone
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I want to transfer music from my iPhone to a Windows 7 PC.

On the iPhone I have a lot of tracks ripped from CDs (all of which I own) and a few tracks purchased from the iTunes store. Nothing illegal, in other words. The computer on which I created the playlists has died (I know, STFU). I could recreate the whole lot except for the few purchased tracks, but it would be a pain, so I'd prefer to just copy it all across. For the same reason, free solution preferred. Specifically does anyone have any experience with iRip? I've seen this thread.
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Sorry, just in case it matters--the iPhone is running iOS 3.1.3.
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And if Ephpod doesn't work for you, there are other iPod/iPhone managers available.
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I've had success with Sharepod
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I also like sharepod.
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Sharepod seems to have done the job! Thanks guys.
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