Book Id: Sci Fi series with aliens and plague
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Book ID: Trying to find a sci-fi trilogy or series I started in the 90s. Set on earth, there was a black plague that had something to do with an alien race. The pyramids were involved. I think a pyramid may have been on the cover. Very vague I know, but that is about all I can remember. Thanks!
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Area 51: The Mission by Robert Doherty was published in 1999, dealt with aliens who unleash "a souped-up bubonic plague with a 100% kill rate" as part of their plot, and featured a Mayan pyramid on the cover.
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It was also the third in a series.

(I found this, btw, by remembering an old sci-fi book I had up in my closet with the Egyptian pyramids on the cover. Turns out it featured the Sphinx more, but googling the series turned up the third installment with Chichen Itza that also mentioned the plague in a user review.)
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Interesting that may be it. Thanks a lot.
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