PS3 or XBOX 360 for Madden
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Should I buy a PS3 or XBOX 360 if all I really want to play is Madden?

I only really have time for 1 game, and Madden it will be. I don't really know much about either system.

- I'll probably get bored with playing the CPU and want to play online. Wirelessly.
- I'll probably hook it up to a DVI monitor rather than a TV.

Gameplay and quality of online experience are more important to me than graphics.
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I basically bought a PS3 for Street Fighter IV, and it's been working out well enough for me.

Graphics are very likely to be fundamentally identical.

PSN is free, while Xbox Live costs around $50 a year if memory serves. PSN just came back up after nearly a month's downtime, though.

PS3 has wireless networking built in, but for online play you'd be vastly better served by a wired connection if you can swing it. The Xbox, to my knowledge (which may be wrong), only supports wi-fi via a dongle or something.

Dunno if either console can output to DVI, though they both have HDMI output nowadays if you're buying new (the early 360 consoles don't have HDMI-out).

I chose the PS3 primarily because I live in Japan (where the PS3 is more popular), because the game discs are region-unlocked (so I can get American or Japanese games, should I so choose), and because it comes with a hard disk that is arbitrarily upgradable (instead of having to way overpay for a proprietary casing). I also use my PS3 with PS3 Media Server on my computer to watch videos on it from my computer, via my home network.

These reasons may or may not matter to you.
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You should buy the XBOX. It's a much better experience overall.
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Do you have friends with a PS3 or Xbox 360? That's probably the biggest factor, since you can't play online cross-platform. The latest models of both PS3 and 360 have built-in wireless; both support HDMI but not DVI (though you can of course buy an adapter cheaply); the PS3 is more expensive but the 360 has an annual fee to play online. The PS3 and 360 versions of Madden are developed simultaneously by the same studio, so they will be virtually identical.

You may also want to try both the controllers, say in a Best Buy, to see if you prefer one over the other, but again, they're pretty similar. The Xbox 360s are more prone to hardware failure, but not as much as in the past.

There aren't any big reasons to pick one over the other, given your primary concerns.
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I had a 360... but I wish I would have spent a little more to get the PS3 for the Blu-ray.
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I agree that it largely depends on which network your friends are on. Or if a gaming network is important to you. If it is, then go XBox--XBox live is much more built up than the PlayStation Network (recent hacking notwithstanding). If gaming networks aren't all that important to you, then I'd go for the PS3 as it doubles as a blu-ray player. This also means that large games won't require multiple discs, which is nice.

FWIW, I picked the PS3 because of the XBox RROD (which isn't as much of an issue, I believe, these days, but was when I purchased my system), I didn't already have a blu-ray player, and there PS3-specific gaming franchises that I wanted to play.
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I would say wireless internet + free online play = PS3. I own an Xbox 360 and my roommate used to have a PS3 and don't see any big reason to prefer one over the other otherwise, but that $50 a year rankles me a bit.
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The wi-fi is a moot point - unless you hunt down an old xbox or buy off craigslist, you'll get an Xbox 360 Slim which has built-in wireless.

I would focus on what network your friends are on. If that's not applicable, well, do you watch movies on physical media? Both can stream Netflix (and I think Hulu but I'm not in the US), but only the PS3 can play Blu-Ray.

Beyond that, there's the price difference - ~150 for the xbox vs ~300 for the PS3, but as mentioned the xbox is $50/year for Xbox Live. Compare that with free-but-just-hacked PSN, weigh how long you really want/expect this console to last, and buy at will!
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For gameplay, I've heard that the Xbox is supposedly superior (though I haven't played with it enough to really notice any difference). I have, and prefer, a playstation. While both play games, out of the box, the PS3 is a wifi-enabled home media center, capable of playing video files (exception: .mkv, the bane of my existence), music files, or creating photo slide shows. Once you've bought the PS3 (and a spare controller) you're pretty much done. You don't need to buy external hard drives, or pay for any online play.

It was just hacked, which is a little worrisome/bothersome (though the Xbox has been hacked for a while now). The Xbox store seems to have a lot better games, especially indie games.

At the same time, the PS3 and its games are region free, and a good number of them are bilingual as well. Blu-ray regions are different (and wider) than DVDs, which is a nice little bonus. The hard drives they come with now are more than adequate, but can be easily swapped out for larger hard drives if you need more space. It's a simple procedure, and it takes about 15 minutes.
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Just came in to nth the fact that the PSN is free, which is the primary reason I decided to not renew my XBox Live subscription. The PSN was hacked, but it had been operating for what, 5 years before that? I would say for Madden online, PS3 is the way to go.
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I chose the PS3 over the XBOX 360 because
1) the RROD, as smirkette stated.
2) The PSN is free as opposed to the XBOX Live network which is 50$ a year.
3) I could easily swap out my HD for a much larger one without having to pay out the nose.
4) Blu-Ray

Those were what made the decision for me. But if you're literally only going to use it for one game, and never for another purpose then go with whichever you can find cheaper. If multiplayer is important to you then see what your friends are using.
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Thanks for the advice so far, I don't plan on playing with any friends in particular, just random people, so it's all down to the network/quality of play/maturity of community. Blu-ray would be somewhat of a bonus I suppose, but I already have a Blu-ray player.
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Another reason I bought a PS3 was so I could convert my box sets of DVDs down to Xvid AVI files and easily load them onto my PS3's new HD that wasn't ridiculously expensive (see xbox 360 HD prices). This allowed for my enjoyment of TV shows and allowed my wife to enjoy the system as well with her entire collection of Sex and the City all in one place.

The "maturity of community" (I'm assuming you're talking about the players and not the actual network) will be disappointing either way. When I do play, which is rare, I always mute the other players because otherwise all I hear is "your f*()^%$ cheating you f^%$@&^ N00B!!!", "suck my b&!@$ dipsh*&" and everything else in that spectrum.

Enjoy your new device, whichever it is that you get :)
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My semi-educated guess is that you will probably find more people to play with (at more hours of the day, etc. etc.) on the 360.
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