Did boards of canada sample this from autechre?
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Did Boards of Canada, in "An Eagle in Your Mind" sample Autechre's "bronchusevenmx24"?

Here is Bronchusevenmx24 -- Go to about minute 3. Listen to the pad synth ambient background part. There's a little jitteriness to it, and a higher glass pitch tone above it.

Now, here's An Eagle In Your Mind... It seems sped up, but... it has that wobbly sound. It's also got that higher pitch thing above it. Because it's sped up, it's higher pitched in general, and the wobble is faster. But I'm not sure if it's the same sequence of notes (hence sampled) or just similar sounds? Or maybe I'm imagining it all?

It's hard to tell but I think it's sampled from Bronchusevenmx24. Am I right? But the progression now that i listen again seems a little difference, so... I don't nkow.
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I don't think so. They're similar, but it's entirely trivial to get that sound. Start with a sine wave, detune the oscillators slightly, bitcrush the living bejeezus out of it, and hey presto.

It'd be a lot more work to sample it, frankly.
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That's really funny, I have both of those albums and I never noticed the similarity. I think it's a coincidence, though. It's not the same chord progression, as you noticed, and it would be tough to get all the traces of that percussion out (even if you used from 8:30 on in the Ae song and high-pass filtered it).
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The notes are different. Stretch out a few bars of the BoC track, run it through a pitch shifter and you'll hear the difference.
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