Help me find an agent to sell my home in Columbus Ohio
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Help me find an agent to sell my home in Columbus Ohio

I have a house I bought 7 years ago for about 55k on the west side of Columbus Ohio, I want to sell it now, it's not in a very "good" neighborhood.

I have no idea where to start other than just picking at random in phone book.

Any good recommendations for a real estate agent?
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I can personally vouch for Dave McKinley. He can help you or at least point you to someone who can.

Here's his info: Dave McKinley
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Here comes to deluge of self promoters and spam.

Ask your friends, family and coworkers for a recommendation or referral. Surely you know someone (anyone!) who has bought or sold a house from a Realtor they liked.

I'm related to the best Realtor in Columbus. But of course I'm biased. Don't trust something this important to an anonymous Internet troll like me. :) Ask around...
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