Website auto-awards badges for correct answers?
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Are there any content management systems that easily support an educational game site where the main function is automatically awarding users visible badges for providing a correct answer to a prompt?

I'm working on an educational games site for a large number of users, meaning that having the site automatically rather than manually award badges for correct answers is necessary (the site will have "missions" such as decrypting a code; site users would type in their answer to the site, and a correct answer = shiny new badge on their profile). The operative word here is (somewhat) *easy*; I don't have enough programming experience to completely write this on my own nor the funds for a programmer, and am wondering whether anyone with various CMS experience knows of a module/platform that would help me not have to write this completely from scratch.

I've worked with Drupal extensively, but the seemingly best approach (linking the Quiz module with an Action or Rule that awards a User Badge) isn't working for various reasons I won't get into here; there's a Drupal "Achievements" module under development that might fit, but I don't think it will be ready for a while. The other Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla options I've checked out seem to be able to automate badges for CMS-type activities (e.g. commenting, posting, adding to a wiki), but none seem to handle checking an answer for correctness against a provided ruleset as is necessary for this type of educational game. If it helps, we can think of this not as a game but as a set of online quizzes, with a badge awarded for passing the quiz--what matters is that the user's answer can be right or wrong.

I recognize my somewhat-specific needs might necessitate getting someone to program this for me, but I thought I'd first appeal to your broader base of computing experience for ideas. Any suggestions on where to look (yes, I've tried the Drupal Games forum and others, but most forums are too platform-specific) or what to try would be every appreciated. Thanks!

Because I don't want my account linked to my professional work, please send any questions to
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