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Can I salvage a working window-unit Air Conditioner that smells like the previous user's home cooking?

I got a free window-mounted air conditioner unit from an upstairs neighbor who moved out.

It is a Frigidaire FACO53L7A1.

Unfortunately, the air that comes out of it smells strongly of the previous user's particular ethnic home cooking. I do not want my house to smell like this.

Can I salvage this unit by spraying the insides and the filter with Lysol, or perhaps bleach? Or will this destroy / short out the circuitry?

I cannot tell if this filter (which appears to be a metal mesh) is meant to be replaced or cleaned. I have already soaked it in Lysol, but the actual insides of the machine emit the cooking smell when I turn the machine on without the filter.
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Metal mesh filters are meant to be washed. Im not sure what spraying it down with lysol will do other then make it smell like lysol. I would spray the coils with soapy water, rinse and then let it dry.
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Ditto ihadapony. You can wash the filter in the dishwasher if you have one, otherwise, a good scrubbing in the bathtub should do it.
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Cleaning the filter will do little to mitigate these odours. The smell has been deposited on the evaporator coils. The best way to clean the coils is at a diy car wash. Give the coils a good soaking with a cleaner like simple green and then use the pressure washer at the car wash to rinse the coils thoroughly. Let the unit dry for a couple days before plugging it in.
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