What forthcoming theory of computation textbook did I see?
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Help me figure out what computer science book I heard about on the web a while ago.

So I'm trying to find the web page for a forthcoming theory of computation and complexity theory that I chanced across a few weeks ago. Distinguishing features:

- It definitely had not been published as of whenever in April I heard about this book, so it is not Arora-Barak or Goldreich or Sipser.
- It is not being published by Springer, MIT, Oxford, or Cambridge UPs.
- It was going to be long, something like 700 pages
- I vaguely recall something yellow on the cover design?
- I probably saw the page on one of the author's personal sites, not the publisher's site, but I'm not sure

I clearly have no recollection of the precise title or else googling would have helped.

Please hope me.
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No, not Knuth; that I just got a copy of as a graduation gift.
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Maybe this forthcoming book? It's sort of a follow up to this classic yellow book. Neither are complexity theory related, but both definitely qualify as "theory of computation"; the former is Cambridge University Press, but the latter is North Holland.
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No but those seem exciting regardless! I am starting to chalk this one up to a delusion.
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I remembered an additional detail that makes me think I might not be delusional…the book's page had a draft up, but it was password-protected so that you would have to contact the authors if you were interested in a draft. Which I foolishly didn't do I guess, since I promptly forgot what I was looking at.
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It was this!
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Oh man and I was somehow wrong about the presses, it is OUP.
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