Enjoyed the Movie, Confused About Ending
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I just saw the movie "Ink" (2009) and would like to understand something...(SPOILERS INSIDE)

Is there a discussion forum for this movie, or a place that breaks down what exactly happened at the end? Or maybe you saw the movie and can explain to me what happened?

I've looked at IMDB and Wiki and it has the same plot synopsis, which really doesn't answer the question of how "Ink" really is the same dude. I don't understand...he killed himself in the past? Why? Who is the storyteller lady?

Thanks for any info. Trying to search for "Ink" is beset by problems because the term is so ubiquitous.

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Scroll past the reviews on imdb to the discussion forum (bottom of page), if you haven't already done so.
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I didn't even know IMDB had a discussion forum, tomswift!

Thanks...I wouldn't be surprised if you've broken into the top ten speediest "best answer" responses.
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Yeah, I wouldn't recommend the forums at imdb if you have any kind of vested interest in the movie (worked on it, know someone, etc)... it's pretty unmoderated and can get pretty out-there and cruel..

But, there are sometimes good answers/discussions about the odd parts of a movie.
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I saw it andi think I got it, memail me if you want
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To get what happens at the end, you need to pay attention to what Liev tells Emma about time. That little bit of exposition is key, utterly key, to what happens.

MeMail me if you need me to explain it in detail.

(I love, love, love the movie.)
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