Can't find the Answer that linked to a $10 year web host!
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Argh, someone linked to a web host that happened to have a $10 a year price for basic hosting (Like ASmallOrange's $25 yr plan.) I can't find that link after looking at a bunch of answers! Not pay as you go like NFS. Anyone know that $10 year host that was mentioned? Or an alternative with PHP and MySQL for similar price?

I have foolishly wasted hours on this search, and would have done better to just buy a slightly more expensive host plan. But now it is stuck in my mind. Help please.
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I've been pretty happy with Doteasy. Their highest-end hosting plan starts at $8/month, and you can get away with something even cheaper if your needs are more basic.
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I've put all my non-mission-critical stuff on Dreamhost. Their uptime isn't the best, but it looks like their current pricing is $9/month. Seems reasonable enough and it works for my nonimportant stuff.
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Googling "$10 a year hosting" offers a ton of options, expired (which may be the deal you had in mind) and not. Note that some of them seem to be limited 1-year offers after which you have to pay their regular prices if you stay with them.

FWIW, if you're willing to go a little more expensive, I like HostGator. They have a simple plan for $4.95/mo (currently 20% off). No affiliation except as a happy customer.
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Response by poster: That is what is driving me nuts about it, this was a quality host, not a bunch of resellers like I get in the Google search for it. And the AskMeFi answer was just linking to the host, not to the $10 a year thing, so I can't search for it on AskMeFi using those terms.
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Best answer: I have had good luck with YMMV I never used them for a production web site just to mess around with PHP and MySQL.
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IMHO $10/year doesn't sound commercially viable for the service provider. I suggest that either it was a teaser offer, or else that the company stopped offering it.
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Could it have been something like Nearly Free Speech?
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Best answer: $10 a year is going to be shared hosting. If you plan to use PHP and a database forget these. If price is really an issue, you can find free hosting. You'll probably have to host some tacky banners, but free is free.

That said, any thing free or shared is worth way less than you are paying for it. The business model is to sell you a cheap, crap solution and leave you to discover that for something decent you need to upgrade.

But, that's no reason not to go for a bottom end solution. If you have no traffic, then you don't need more, and if you have traffic, you can learning by doing exactly what suits your needs.

With shared hosting, make sure you know exactly what you're getting. Some providers exclude certain standard PHP libraries from these packages without making this clear. Fun is usually had by all trying to figure why the shared host doesn't work when everything works on your dev system.
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I took advantage of a $10.78/year Dreamhost offer back in January 200c, and at that time they allowed two years at that rate.

Of course at the beginning of this year I was stuck with a much higher bill - something like $10/month, which I am not at all interested in (just a simple personal webpage for hosting, no domain registration).

In the process found out that Dreamhost has an affiliate marketing model, offering tons of codes and offers but these are all only for new customers.

I moved to NFS and have been very pleased - rock bottom pay-as-you-go model.
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Make that 'January 2009'...
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The only problem with "pay as you go" is that if you get linked from Fark (or Metafilter!) you can suddenly get hit with a huge montly bill.
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Response by poster: Appreciate the answers everyone. Although we didn't find the exact answer, this is helpful. Thanks.
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