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I'm an Automator noob and I have an Automator/iTunes question.

I want to set up an Automator script that will pull my imported/downloaded music files from a specified folder into iTunes automatically. I think I've done this, but what I don't get is, how do I "make it go"? The Automator I've set up is

Get Specified Finder Items (to get the folders I want to dump into iTunes)
Get Folder Contents (to only get the music files out of those folders)
Import Files into iTunes

This seems to work fine when I test it inside Automator (although if there's a more elegant way to do this I'd love to hear it), but now that I've tested it and it works fine, how do I run it automatically in the real world every time something gets into that folder? I must be missing something, because it seems sorta counterintuitive to me that I'd have to run Automator and push "play" every time I want to run an Automator script, right?

I'm very, very new at Automator, so assume I know nothing (because I do).
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What you are missing is Folder Actions. I use Applescript rather than Automator to do what you do, but the process should be similar.
Open Automator and start a new workflow; when it says "choose a template" pick "Folder Action". On the next step it will ask you which folder you want it attached to. You know the rest, I think.
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Just to add...inside the itunes music folder is a pre made "Automatically Add To Itunes" folder which..well...Automatically Adds and music/movie files To Itunes that you put in it.
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