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Help! I'm in Denmark, and I have no jeans to wear for the rest of the week! Where can I buy plus sized jeans in Copenhagen?

Silly me, I packed a brand new pair of jeans I've never worn for my week in Copenhagen, and they DO NOT FIT. (Curse you, Old Navy!) Now I have only one pair of yoga capris to wear for the entire week, and that's not going to cut it.

I need to buy a pair of jeans here, but with European countries, I sometimes have a hard time finding plus sized clothing. I wear an 18 from Old Navy (except in the pair I purchased before I left!). Any ideas where I should look in Copenhagen for big girl jeans?

I need to be able to get there via Metro or bus also.
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Never been to Copenhagen so can't help with shopping but you could always rinse out the capris at night - should be dry or dry enough to put on again in the morning.
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One thing to keep in mind - Old Navy is big on "courtesy sizing" - it's size 18 is substantially larger than a regular size 18 - so while a conversion chart will tell you that US 18 = European 48, I'd look at 50 and above.

Here's a guide to large-size women's clothing in Copenhagen, and here's a Google translation.
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Best answer: Your best bets are, I think, going to be Nanna XL (several locations nearby: http://www.nanna-xl.dk/butikker.html) or a place like Føtex (sort of like a K-mart/Target, and again, there are lots of these in Copehagen).
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Best answer: H&M has a plus size line called BIB- I braved their Denmark shop and found jeans up to a European 54. Try this link.
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I don't know if they are in Denmark, but when I lived in Finland, I shopped for plus size clothes at Seppala, KappAhl, and Lindex - all chains. Good luck!
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