Amazing dystopian animation needed. Thanks !
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Dystopian short scifi animation film seen in the last year, about a man who is the last living member of dirty, trashy spaceship / plane that seems to have been abandonned a long time ago, and finds out that he is infected by the virus that killed his entire team. Then..

The tone of the story really is dramatic, gloomy, yet with a sense that this man is in such a desperate situation ;
Upon finding out the virus is touching many cells, rapidly, through the lens of a microscope, he gets out, climbs a very long ladder, gets to the top / roof of the spaceshift / plane, here we see other members of his team, all dead, and he puls out a gun.

... Then, he is found by a nurse. And he entire scenario turns around
The effect it produces is very Bradbury-like, or "fight club" like. Emotional, intense, dark yet extremely touching.

I have been looking for it for a while, and can't find it. Could you help me ? any clue would be welcome.
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Is it The Ark? It takes place on an ocean liner type of ship, not a spaceship or airplane, but other than that matches your description exactly.

(IMDb page here)
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Response by poster: Miracle-Filter ! Thank you so very much ! I couldn't remember the kind of ship it was... as the darkness of it all really was what stroke me the most. I refered to it recently while talking with friends, about mental illness and perception of emotions in works of fiction.. and really wanted to share it with them.

You made my day !
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Response by poster: .. true, and it's not so abandoned or dirty as i thought i remembered it..
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Oh good, glad it's the right one! In case you were wondering how I found it, I googled the words 'short' 'animation' 'virus' 'nurse' and 'airplane' (but even with 'airplane', this one popped up). I was pretty surprised that I managed to find it with that search, actually.

It was a good short--I enjoyed watching it.
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Response by poster: My google-fu must have been down.. also, I googled "mental illness" / "psychiatric ward" in addition to that.. which messed up the search obviously.. it makes sense that spoilers wouldn't be in.
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