Slick shiny keys feel gross.
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Rough-coating spray to fix a shiny keyboard?

My Macbook Pro's keyboard is slick and shiny from over-use and finger oils. In lieu of replacing the whole keyboard, is there anything I could spray on it to cover up the slickness and give it a rougher feeling?
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My first instinct is that you will have a hard time getting the coating only on the keys, and not on anything else. It will have to be transparent as well, to make sure you can still see the keys!
You can also pry up the keys individually: Youtube Macbook Key Replacement
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You might consider a cover instead of a replacement keyboard. I use a Moshi Clearguard—it has a tiny bit of texture but it's incredibly thin and basically unnoticeable in use. Plus you get the added benefit of not having to worry about splashing liquids into your computer.
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Can't say how to do it on a Macbook (would never own an Apple product) but how about pulling the whole keyboard out and soaking just the flat face of the keycaps in something to clean it?

I did that with the keyboard from a Toshiba laptop. Just turned it over and left it resting in just a tiny amount of cleaner. I think it was Fantastik, but take care that whatever you use won't harm plastic (check their labels). Some cleaners cause the plasticizers in the material to break down, causing it to dry out and become discolored or brittle. Just barely enough to allow the keycaps to get wet.

Once it had soaked for a while (half hour, iirc) I pulled it up and let it drip thoroughly. I then gave it a good scrub from underneath using one of those double-sided blue kitchen sponges; using the scrubbie side. Done upside down to avoid having the cleaner drip down into the keyboard. Then I swabbed it with clean water and a microfiber towel. I let it air dry outside in the sun in a slightly tilted position to encourage anything that might still be in the upside down portion of the keycaps to dribble out but not into the keyboard circuit.

Keyboard kept working great for another 5 years. If this sounds like too much work, and it probably is, then consider just picking up a replacement keyboard via eBay. It's not hard to replace one.
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