peace lily leaves keep turning brown at tips
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why do the tips of the leaves on my peace lily keep turning brown?

i've tried giving it tons of water, tried letting it dry out, tried putting it in the sun, tried putting it in the shade, cut it back, fertilized, repotted, sprayed (there are no bugs anyway)--

no matter what i do, the leaves of this plant grow a little bit and then turn brown at the tips and then die. this was a healthy plant about 10 years ago, then my friend didn't water it and it nearly died. i've been trying to revive it ever since--but it can never seem to do more than push out a few leaves before they die. it did blossom last year for the first time in about 7 years, and now it seems to have no trouble blossoming even when the leaves are dying.

it's such an ugly plant at this point, but clearly alive, so i can't bear to throw it out. i'd like to make it look nice--can anyone think of anything to do for my peace lily?
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Maybe check this out?

Also, plants have lifespans just like animals do - your plant may just be dying of old age.
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Best answer: According to this article, I've done all the things I shouldn't have (over-watered, put it in the sun, repotted it in a too-big pot, moved it round) so I have only myself to blame that my peace lily too is looking more dead than alive right now.
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Well, all I know is in general they need indirect light, and watering every day or every other day (but not too much as you don't want to drown the roots.) What we do where I work is touch the soil and if it is dry, water away.
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