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I'd like to make an aluminum frame over my zero gravity chair to support my computer monitor and rig up something that would make the mouse easy to use in a reclining position. Can anyone tell me what the name of the aluminum frame joints are, and where would would I find the aluminum tubes and joints?

Or, if you know of something like this that is already made, I'd like to find it. I want to take some of the pressure off my back and legs as I work on the computer at home....
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The way you do this will depend a lot on your budget and level of craftiness. Can you give a little guidance on those fronts so we can get an idea about what options might be reasonable for you?
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I spend large chunks of my day semi-reclined in my zero gravity chair, comfortably using my computer at a swing-away table sort of like this. I have the monitor, keyboard and mouse on the table, and it works very well. I think this Air Desk would be even better, though.
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"Recliner workstation" might be a good keyword to start. Generally, you have three criteria: cheap, adjustable, or sturdy. Pick two.

Some ideas: Sturdy and adjustable (but expensive!), cheap and sturdy (not adjustable)... cheap, adjustable and flimsy I can't seem to find.

Check out these monitor arms, made for the medical industry; you can get them with pole mounts, but you'd still have to figure out how to secure the pole to the floor or a large leg structure.
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What about using the sort of wireless mouse people use for presentations?
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I can't help with the frame construction, but securing a trackpad to it would surely have to be the easiest solution for mousing.
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AWESOME ideas, everyone! I think the cheap and sturdy option is what I'm looking for! I really appreciate the wonderful feedback!
Woohoo! no more back pain while computing!
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