Kids demand new eats.
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Help expand our family-friendly dining options in Portland.

So here's the rut.
Breakfast - Mother's, Gravy, Saint Honoré
Dinner - Pambiche, Farm Cafe

Where else should we try? Extra points for good vegetarian/pescotarian options.
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Breakfast: Old Wives' Tales (great play area, lots of veggie options).
Dinner: HUB (good play area, good beer, veggie options).
I may think of others...
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Laurelwood has a nice kids play area and veggie options.
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Oh, two more:
Tin Shed for any meal: big patio, kids' menu, dog menu(!), lots of veggie options.
Vita Cafe too, tons of veggie options, and looks like kids eat for $1 from 5-7pm every day.
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What about Slappy Cakes for breakfast?

Pause may be a bit of a drive for you based on the other places you mentioned, but it'sstill packed with families when I am there even though they took the uber-kid-friendly butter and noodles off the menu...
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Screen Door has my favorite brunch in town.
The Original is a close second.

And I may have only been there late at night, but Le Happy is delicious, fun, inexpensive, and seems like a fine place to take kiddies during normal, human hours.
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My family, including the 4 year old, enjoyed Hedgehouse. It's basically pub food done healthy in a classy way. Very tasty (and good beer). We also enjoyed a foray into food pods -- everyone can pick something different, and there's generally at least one cart specializing in vegan, another in seafood. We liked this collection of carts. (Bonus, if you get lucky, there may be two charming little girls for your kids to play with.) Across the street, there's a great Ethiopian place. Regular dinner time it probably needs reservations, but an early kid dinner time you may get away with walking in. Also, if you ever have just a light or cheap dinner at home, but want to eat out for desert, I cannot highly enough recommend Pix Patisserie. Their french deserts are meticulous, gorgeous, and the tastiest treats ever.
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Bumblekiss in NE is adorable and super friendly, plus it has a delightfully silly name, which seems to up its kid-friendly quotient.

(And unless things have changed, Le Happy is sadly 21+)
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It is 21+ after 10pm. So you and the kids can fold all that is good in god's earth into a delicious crepe.
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I love Kennedy School, as well as the others in the McMenamins family.
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Deschutes Public House usually has a handful of kids whenever we go in, but no play area. How important is that tho, when you're trying to teach your kid to eat places where they have to sit down? I second HUB for family friendly. They usually put all the people with kids near the play area, too.

I've never seen kids at the Screen Door, probably because of 1) the wait time & 2) they don't take reservations to make the wait time shorter.
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We have a few places in inner N/NE we really like going with our kids (though, now that I look at the places you are going, I'm wondering if you're looking for something more upscale than what we usually do with our kids?):

Laughing Planet on N Mississippi (there are other Laughing Planets, but I haven't been to them)
Cup & Saucer on N Mississippi (there are others, but I haven't been to them; this is great for breakfast, lunch, or early dinner)
Mississippi Pizza on N Mississippi
Cha Cha Cha on N Williams near Failing (there's another one, but I haven't been)
Russell Street BBQ on NE Russell right near MLK
Po Shines in Kenton
Old Town Pizza on NE MLK in Vanport Square

I've been to many of the Ethiopian restaurants in Portland, they are pretty much kid-friendly by nature. Dalo's Kitchen on NE MLK is delicious.

I will also second Laurelwood Pub, though you have to get there early or suffer a long wait and lots of crowds.

And while the Kennedy School can get a bad rap for food, I have been really happy going there for breakfast. Even on Mother's Day, there was no wait, and we all had a really good meal.

And one more, in SW: Kenny and Zuke's. So delicious.
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