Reverse graph paper notebook?
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I am looking for a particular reverse graph paper notebook company I read about some time ago. The idea of the graph paper was that it was reversed out - that is, white gridlines and slightly darker blocks. The theory was it made photocopying or scanning your work easier.

I think I saw it on an illustration blog, or maybe an industrial design blog. It's bugging the hell out of me, because I appear not to have a) delicious'ed it b) tumblr'd it c) twittered it d) emailed it to my buddy. Normally something I want I'd have saved in at least ONE of those ways.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? I search and can't seem to find it. I keep coming up with free pdf graph paper or Rhodia notebooks. I don't want either of those.

I believe the company was European (Dutch? German? Other? I can't remember!) but now I'm not sure. I'm in the US, and I know the company was not here because they had no or few retailers in the US.

Help me AskMe office supply nerds, you're my only hope.
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Best answer: Is it Whitelines?
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This graph paper is green-tinted, and claims that the grid lines don't reproduce on copies.
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Response by poster: bcwinters that's the one I remember!

.se, so, Sweden. And they're available on Amazon now. Love it.

Thank you so much!

litnerd, no, that's not the stuff - but good to know as a possibility.
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Looking at the comments on bcwinters's link, it looks like you can print out your own inverted graph paper here and save a few bucks.
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Response by poster: theodolite, nice idea, but I don't have a printer.
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