Well well...Wellbutrin?
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I'm not getting that good of results from Wellbutrin (prescribed for ADD), and to be honest, I'm not getting bad results either. Looking around, I'm don't see any first-hand ADD related Wellbutrin experiences (positive or negative), and I'm wondering if it's really all it's cracked up to be. Should I go back and try and get Adderall instead (which seems to have good responses here)?

A while back I went to my General Practitioner and told her that I had been diagnosed with ADD at an earlier age but my parents had chosen to not do anything about it, and now I felt like I wanted to try some sort of medication to see if it'd have a positive effect or not. She brought me a little paper bag full of Wellbutrin SR (time-release), and I listened to what she told me about it, nodded, and went home to try some of her wonderpill. Three weeks later, "eh". Aside from a bit of a perceived mental block the first couple days, nothing seems to have changed.

Maybe I didn't give it enough time? Maybe I'm just bad at noticing side effects? I would go to crazymeds.org, but they've apparently shut down.
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It's probably a good idea to clarify the Dx of ADD via contact with a clinical psychologist before embarking on medical therapy. It's also good form for the doc to recommend it before starting treatment, frankly.

My experience with Rxing Wellbutrin for ADD is that it may be useful and as often is not, but has few negative side effects (though not zero) and may be better in ways that are more practical in nature (not controlled, no need for monthly prescriptions).

Adderall, if it is ADD, just seems to be more directly effective for patients with ADD. You could give it more time, but again, you really should discuss this with your doc and consider a request for further evaluation.

Since you'll likely begin seeing a slew of positive and negative anecdotes on the coming thread, remember YMMV. Go back to your doc.
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I take Wellbutrin for clinical depression (for which it works adequately), and also have ADD. I found a slight improvement in focus, but it's not night-and-day, just a slight improvement.
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I take Wellbutrin for mild depression and found that I was not digesting the extended release pills - the coating is thick to make it extended release and some people can't get through the coating in the amount of time it takes for the pill to pass through the system. You may want to ask about taking the regular release twice a day and see what happens. It should take ~3 months for full effects to be noticed.
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Wellbutrin for ADD??? I thought this was a depression/anxiety drug... are the makers trying to push this as a panacea? My wife has an anxiety problem and Wellbutrin works well for her, though it takes days for it to build to a noticeable level. She's finding that kava tea works much better though.
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roly - Welbutrin is primarily an antidepressant, but no drug does only one thing (IIRC Rogaine was originally a hypertension grug). It does seem to help some people with attention deficit as well.

Note also that Wellbutrin (bupropion hcl) is also marketed as Zyban, which is indicated for people trying to stop smoking. (It's the exact same pull, except for the name stamped on the wax finish - Glaxo Wellcome was just concerned that people trying to stop smoking would not want to think they were taking a psychiatric drug. Drug companies are wacky.)
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At least wellbutrin didn't make you cry all day like me (bipolar and ADD)...

Ritalin and Adderall worked for me (I prefer ritalin, adderall made me too jittery.)
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I am said to have ADD. I don't see it as a disorder but it does sometimes make it difficult for me to deal with others. Not so much a problem for me as frustrating for them (Such one track minds).

I took Wellbutrin for depression after a divorce and it was a lifesaver for a while. I'd be careful with it. About 6 to 9 months into the treatment it started to turn me into a zombie. The problem was I didn't realize the zombie effect until I finally quit taking it.

I have a prescription for dexedrine to deal with the ADD . I take it when I'm in a position where I have to explain things or make a presentation to co-workers. They appreciate it. The good thing about dexedrine is that it is short acting and I can take it only when the situation calls for it.
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Welbutrin didn't do anything for my add tendencies (I'm bipolar type two but there is some overlap.) Perhaps you should ask to try Strattera.

On the other hand, when I was on Zoloft, my thinking was never clearer.

My recommendation is to go see a psychiatrist instead of a clinical psychologist, as they would be able to prescribe meds and would have more knowlege and experience on what to prescribe than a GP would.
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Response by poster: To be honest, I kind of think she cut me a break, because I told her that this was something I'd been thinking about for a long time, and that I didn't currently have insurance, which is the main obstacle to going around and visiting different people.

It's really starting to look like I should give something else a shot, here. Just bear with the ol' Wellbutrin until I exhaust the supply in order to see if something clicks or not, and if it doesn't, go back and ask to try an alternative.
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I'm on Bupropin SR (which is the generic form of Wellbutrin) for clinical depression. I have been since 2002. It's been the best anti-depressant I've ever been on.

I can concentrate better and for longer periods of time, but I don't know of that's due to any nascent ADD being quashed, or because I was too distracted by my head telling me I was 'evil' for a good part of the day. I have never been diagnosed with ADD, though, so YMMV.

(Oh, and my depression is under control, now.)
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"Just bear with the ol' Wellbutrin until I exhaust the supply..."

Do not just stop taking it! You have to taper off or you could be in for a real mood crash. I believe this is even true if you weren't depressed when you started taking it.
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Response by poster: Add that to "things I never thought of", Carbolic. I'm not very good at this whole "drugs" thing.
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Well, the topic's still open so I'm going to comment. My understanding (from doctor) is that Bupropin/Wellbutrin/Zyban is a secondary treatment for ADD perscribed when the more traditional meds, such as Adderall and Ritalin, are not effective. From my own experience, having first been on zyban to quit smoking, it treated a lot of the ADD-realted symptoms, but not the causes. Like... the zyban made the ride smoother, but the adderall keeps the car from veering off the road in the first place.
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