Japanese Craigslist?
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What is the equivalent to Craigslist in Japan, perhaps the Osaka area specifically?

A friend is moving over there. She may need a refrigerator and other similar items. Is there a go-to place? An online marketplace thing somewhere?
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For foreigners, Gaijinpot is the most popular site, but there's also local alternatives such as Kansai Flea Market. It's also a good idea to google for "Sayonara Sale" (+Osaka/Kansai), as it's common for foreigners to set up blogs and such with items they're selling as they're leaving the country.
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Since you didn't say in the question, there is actually a Osaka-area Cragslist. I don't know how good it is. I was looking at the Tokyo one the other day. It seemed useful, if not major-US-city full of stuff.

I hadn't heard of GaijinPot, so thanks, harujion.
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It didn't even occur to me to check if there was an actual Craigslist. I guess the name throws you off. It's like checking if there's a Hiroshi no meikan in the US.
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There is nothing close to craigslist here. There are no thrift shops either. For household items search on google maps for "recycle shops". They have a lot of things and they usually deliver. Some リサイクルショプ
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Most people (Japanese or non-) don't use craigslist in Japan. In my experience most Japanese buy and sell their used goods through recycle shops, like the Book/Hard/etc.-Off chain.

In Kansai you can find classifieds in the back of Kansai Scene, a monthly (?) English magazine. Foreigners leaving the country often sell all their items at once in a "sayonara sale."
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auction.yahoo.co.jp is quite lively for buying some things. Sayonara sales in metropolis and so on. Japanese themselves don't really do used-goods, which is why you can often pick up excellent things from daigomi days
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Look for an Off-House (オフハウス) or a Second Street (セカンドストリート) in the area she'll be in. Those are the best places for used appliances that I can think of off the top of my head, at least that are national chains. You can also search Google Maps for リサイクルショップ as Infernarl mentioned for just a general overview of secondhand stores, though not so many of them will deal in household appliances.

Craigslist is a joke in Japan. Most of the posts I've seen when I've checked them have been either spam, scams, or confused people. Luckily, there's a thriving and awesome secondhand store market here, which more than makes up for the lack of classified ads.
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Download Kansai Flea Market.
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There are flea markets and recycle shops, too.
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