Anti-fatigue Mattress?
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Those anti-fatigue mats and bead seat covers really work. I guess the uneven surface keeps the muscles stimulated. Is there anything like this for a mattress or mattress cover for my bed?

It would have to be something a little softer and more subtle than say the bead seat cover, because that thing leaves a bead pattern on my back.
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Egg crate foam might be right up your alley. I find it annoying to sleep on, but to each his own. I think the purpose of beaded seat covers is more for air circulation than muscle stimulation, though.
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Why would you want to be stimulated and kept alert while you're trying to sleep?

But, yeah, egg crate foam mattress toppers is the closest thing.
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Egg crate foam it is! The bead seat covers do provide air circulation but they are a miracle for long drives that would leave me with major back pain. Stimulating muscles does not equal being kept alert... it just means they wont spasm or swell up or whatever they do to people with back problems.
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The Swedes are into nail mats. Or, at least, they were two years ago.
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