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What key and musical scale/mode is this song in?

Just got a copy of ThumbJam for iPhone (SUPER AWESOME) and I want to be able to play this song on there. Thanks in advance, super Ask.MeFi people!
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The verse is in E and the chorus is in C# minor.

The chords sound like this to me:
A      B      C#m
A      B      E
G#m    C#     G#m     E
B      C#m B  F#
A      B      C#m
A      B      E
G#m    C#     G#m     E
E      B      C#
C#m    G#m/B  G#m     F#
C#m    G#m/B  F#
C#m    G#m/B  G#m     F#
C#m    G#m/B  F#/A#   A  B

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The melody does modulate, though - there’s an A sharp at the beginning of the third line. I know nothing about ThumbJam, but if you're limited to one mode/scale, that might make it a little awkward.
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Looks like dfan is right on target.
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The melody has all sorts of chromaticism and little modal shifts in it. It doesn't stick to one scale.
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During the verse it flirts with the Lydian mode based on that A sharp mentioned by monkey closet.
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