What are some fun, creative 3rd date ideas?
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What are some good creative date ideas for the weekend? (3rd date)

I'm dating this woman and we're up to our third date. We did coffee for the first, dinner at a nice place for the second and I'm trying to plan something for this weekend. The first two were laid back but I'd like to do something fun and come up with some good ideas.

I live in Central NJ, so things that are localish would be appreciated. I've considered:

-Going into NYC, perhaps to the MoMa or the Met. Catching a matinee show
-Museums? Arbotoreums or flower gardens etc?
-Picnic outside?
-Morristown or another quaint town to explore?
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Governors Island opens for the season today! Plus, most people have never been there.
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Don't be afraid to go to the zoo. Zoos are amazing, and give you a lot of stuff to talk about.
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My 3rd date with my husband was to a big amusement park, which was a lot of fun. Isn't there a Six Flags in NJ? I think I appreciated that it was not your "typical" date type thing and was very casual.
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Jenkinson's? Maybe pick up some cider and donuts at Delicious Orchards and have a picnic? Maybe hanging out in Red Bank? Improv Jam in Red Bank is really fun or dinner at Murphy's?
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Go to Brooklyn and see something at BAM. Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris (good date movie, I'd wager) and less mainstream stuff will be playing at the cinema. Then walk around beautiful Fort Greene, have late lunch/early dinner at Café Lafayette which is the best kept secret romantic date spot in the borough. If you'd prefer to not pull out the big guns on the third date, go to Pequena or 67 Burger for a less romance-y feel.

Fort Greene is a really beautiful brownstone-heavy neighborhood that lends itself to conversation and walking around.
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Grounds for Sculpture. A great place to walk around and talk and look at beautiful art, as long as it's not uncomfortably hot or raining. I've actually been there on a date before, plus a bunch of other times with friends or alone.
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The Fels Planetarium in The Franklin Institute in Philly is magical. Shows every 45 minutes on the weekend.... air conditioned, gorgeous classical music accompaniment, a very romantic ambiance. You sit in theater seats and look up at the stars. The whole FI is fantastic. There's also an amazing IMAX theater there; that's another really engaging experience if you've never watched a film in one. Also, they have a giant beating human heart that you can walk through. It's scaled to be the size of the heart of a 220 foot tall man.
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Would a trapeze workshop be too much? They're fun, much safer than they sound, and a great bonding experience.

(And yes--per tea hound--Midnight in Paris is great date material. Especially in Woody's hometown New York crowd!)
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Lucy the Elephant in Margate!
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If you come into nyc, one of the better dates i ever went on was to The American Museum of Natural History. The World's Largest Dinosaurs exhibit has gotten varying reviews, but is probably fun, and the rest of the place is great.
If you come into the city AND you go to the natural history museum, you'll be on the Upper West Side for some pretty nice weather, which suggests to me a stroll in Central Park. You could go to Zabar's and pick up some snacky things and have a picnic.
My favorite restaurant on the UWS is Celeste, and if you are planning on getting out of town early, it's a good choice. It's small and pretty romantic, and if you get there before 6, there shouldn't be a wait. The place is known for its selection of Italian cheeses, and if you order the large cheese plate (which, with a salad or a small entree is plenty) the owner, if he's in, will come over and, in a thick and very charming accent explain where every cheese on the plate came from in Italy. It's cash only, and might be worth a call in advance to see if he'll be around.
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One of our fun trips (once we were up to doing fun trips together) was to go to lighthouses.
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If you go to the natural history museum they have a exhibit with live butterflies which is really fun.

I would suggest renting a row boat in the lake at central park i've always thought that would make a nice date.
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I enjoyed Monmouth State Park when I was growing up (and visiting grandparents). If you find something else to do now, and can delay this until mid-June you can catch a full reinactment - which is good history/cheesy fun.

(ideally, picnic here with subs from Joyce's Subs in Lincroft and watch a mother goose totally goose a guy as he walks by the pond for that full 'relive Nanukthedog's childhood - wait who the hell is he?' experience.
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Some fun stuff that me and the boy have been talking about doing on our date nights:

Frisbee and cards in the park with a picnic.
walking tours are awesome- there are tons in pretty much every corner of the country. In Brooklyn there is even a by-flashlight graveyard tour at Green-Wood Cemetery. It's sort of a distance out of the city, but I bet there is something similar near by you. (yay for the old ass east coast.)

for a rainy day
Skiball or foosball tournaments- there have been a ton of bars that put them in. it's kind of an awesome fad. I dig it because you don't have to be boozing but can still hang out in the chill bar atmosphere.

I also really dig the Museums of Lower Manhattan because you can get a combo deal- AND you still spend some time walking around the city.
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If either of you like modern art and the weather is nice, I'd go to Storm King.
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Go "Donna Shore"? Point Pleasant should be totally animated over the weekend. A stroll along the boardwalk would probably be awesome. (Although, the forecast does have a brief storm on Saturday, the rest of the holiday weekend should be clear and warm.)
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If your date is anything like me, the automata at the Morris Museum will be a hit.
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