Help me make a presentation.
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Help me make a presentation of how I would change a website to make it better (copywriter expertise appreciated.)

I want to take screenshots of a small website and then use a tool to make comments over the screenshot. Basically I'm looking for something I can use to make a slideshow presentation to email colleagues.

I use Google Chrome and wondered if maybe they have any apps for that? I also have a Mac so I could look into Mac applications as well. Ideally I just want to download or use a free/cheap piece of software or web application that specializes in something like this.

The object is to use this tool to critique a small website, no more than a few pages. This would include pointing out where text should be re-written, as well as which features are missing or need to be included.

I appreciate the help and if you have any questions because the above isn't clear just let me know!
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Do you have any of the MS Office suite? You can easily take screenshots and float text boxes and shapes over them in PowerPoint or Word. For a slide show, use PowerPoint.
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Response by poster: Yeah I do have office on my mac so PowerPoint could be an option.
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Google Chrome has the Screen Capture extension. I'm pretty impressed with its functionality for a freebie. It allows me to capture the visible content, the entire page, a defined section. After the initial capture, it enables me to edit the screenshot with text, lines/arrows and redaction. It then can be shared via Picasso or facebook or it can be saved as a saves as a PNG image.
I was able to use it a few times for PowerPoint descriptions of current website issues in layout and navigation :)
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Google Docs includes a presentation application, which is useful for sharing presentations via email. Presentations can be viewed and edited with Safari, Chrome and Firefox web browsers.
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shift-command-4 to take a screenshot of a specific area, if you ever need that functionality anywhere on a mac (without launching grab. 3 is for full screen.)
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Response by poster: Awesome, those are exactly what I'm looking for! Very excited about the Screen Capture extension.
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I use Snagit an awful lot at work for exactly this kind of thing. It's an application designed specifically to let you take screen grabs of anything on your screen, annotate them with bubbles, boxes, highlighting, arrows, lines, whatever, and save them as jpegs. There's a 30-day free trial. I couldn't recommend it enough.
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A make presentation like that constantly, and i build the presentation in Powerpoint, and use a combination of SnagIt and powerpoint tools to create the slides.
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A couple of online options (from Zurb):

* Bounce
* Notable

These let you keep everything online, and offer varying degrees of collaboration.

(I'm not affiliated with Zurb, I just think they make cool stuff, and I use these along with SnagIt and Skitch every day)
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I use skitch for quick stuff like that. Drag your images into google presentations or powerpoint.
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Response by poster: These all look great, I'm definitely into online tools. I tried using Awesome Screen Shot for Chrome and then storing the images on Diigo but the link to save them online at Diigo just produces an error message. I can at least just pull them into powerpoint.

Heliostatic, do you like using all of those tools just for fun or does each one of them have a unique feature that you like to incorporate in your workflow?
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It depends on whether I'm working on an internal project or something that's public facing. For anything publicly accessible, I prefer using Notable. Internal, Skitch.
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