Fix NFS on Mac after 10.6.7 update?
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I upgraded Snow Leopard to 10.6.7. Now my WDTV Live media player can't see the folders on my Mac I was sharing with NFS. Please hope me.

I have a wireless G network. To play 720p content smoothly, I need to share my media (on my Mac) with NFS - SMB etc are choppy.

To set it up in the first place (back when I was using Leopard), I edited /etc/exports to look like this:

/Users/obiwanwasabi -ro -mapall=nobody -network - mask

and it's worked ever since. Upgraded to Snow Leopard a few weeks ago - no dramas. Upgraded to 10.6.7 last night - busted custard.

I can find lots of people online saying that they can't mount NFS shares on a remote server from their Mac following 10.6.7, although apparently remounting from scratch fixes all that. I'm coming from the other side - my Mac is serving up the shares.

Ideas? Princess Wasabi needs her Game of Thrones fix bad.
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Sounds like you'll need to do a reinstall of OS X and patch only up to 10.6.6. Or you can wait for 10.6.8, which may be coming very soon, as it is already being distributed to developers. You might even find this update online, but it you try this update, be sure to have a backup on hand before you do anything.
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Response by poster: *facepalm*

'Wait - why is the wireless bridge on the shelf under the TV?'
'I bought a new powerboard, so I moved it.'

/reboots bridge
/reboots media player
/browses NFS share on Mac

Networking 101 - I fail at it.

Thanks Blazecock ;)
posted by obiwanwasabi at 4:35 AM on May 27, 2011

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