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Saturday morning movie type cartoon, (I don't believe it was a series)...late 80's or early 90' play in backyard (specific memory of them playing on a swing set) and they venture into some caves. The caves were mostly red. Here's the key: One of the girls had a pet snake that she kept hidden in her shirt..I think it was named slimey. Any ideas? I remember a weird feeling I would get when watching this "movie" it was almost scary, but then I knew there was nothing to be afraid of..... Thanks! :)
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Hmm, this is blocked at work. Check this link and see if it is what you are talking about:
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Best answer: My bet is that you're thinking of a Weekend Special, The Secret World of Og. I'm recalling that it was the only four-part Weekend Special (usually they were one or two). I did read the book after seeing the special (had the same edition as in the Amazon photo).
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Best answer: OK, and I just have to share this now that I got back to thinking about that book and show. I saw this cartoon (oh, and it was three parts, not four) when it was originally made, in 1983. And it is only now, with much more experience about cartoons, that I realize the utter genius of the fact that the family in this story had a cat named "Earless Osdick."

This significantly beats my previously held record of 17 years to get a joke (Fargo North, Decoder, from the Electric Company).

I love kids' TV.
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Best answer: This sounds like The Secret World of Og to me as well. Bonus info: the animated special was based on a book, The Secret World of Og, which was written by Pierre Berton.
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Response by poster: I knew you guys would come up with an answer for me! :) Awesome! - That's been bugging me for a couple weeks now.

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