What are your favorite simple home decor craft projects?
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What are your favorite simple home decor craft projects?

Lately I've been gripped by the desire to change up my apartment by Making or Transforming Stuff. I find sites like Craftster to be incredibly overwhelming and the projects in Make Magazine are way beyond my skill level.

I am looking for extremely simple projects and inspiration along the lines of these no-sew pillow covers or the spray-painted jars suggested here. Really, nothing is too simple or basic.

I don't have a sewing machine, but I am reasonable proficient with drills and hand sewing. Thanks!
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I recently made one of these monkey's fist doorstops. Learning the knot was not difficult (but it was physically challenging to manipulate the thick rope).
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How about getting a bunch of random, mismatched empty picture frames from a thrift store, spray painting them, then hanging them up in an interesting arrangement? You could make them all match, or different colors.
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My source for fun and (usually) simple crafts is www.notmartha.org. Have fun!
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Throw pillows using placemats. Basically you find a placemat you like that has a front and a back of two fabrics, and carefully slit a seam. Stuff it with polyfill, then hand sew the seam back up.

Wreaths made out of a variety of things: coffee filters, burlap, balls of yarn.
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I'm sorry - that balls of yarn wreath link above has auto music. Darn it. :(

Another wreath, but one I love. Using this tutorial you make the flowers from felted (shrunken wool) sweaters, to make this wreath. (You can see a photo of the one I made on the Flickr stream on my Mefi profile.)
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My favorite ever cheap wall decor to make are these wall art squares. Foam board + 12x12 scrapbook pages + fun configurations = awesome!!
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One Pretty Thing is a great resource for craft tutorials and simple projects - home decor, as well as garments, projects to do with kids, holiday themed projects, etc. It's easy to search for specific topics, too.

Argh, the site is down right now... check it out later!
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Embroidery hoops. Beautiful scarves from the thrift store (or any pretty fabric that you have lying around--pieces of a favorite shirt that bit the dust, pretty dishtowel that your grandma embroidered, whatever). This.

Do you have a Pinterest invitation? I'd be happy to send you one if you memail me your email address. It's giving me tons of ideas.
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I'm currently saving up paper rolls to try this paper roll wall art project. Someone made a wreath using the technique and another a door frame piece. I'm planning to spray paint it to match my wall frames.
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Check out Design Sponge,Dollar Store Crafts and Decor Hacks

The great thing about craft/decor blogs is that they all link to each other, so you start discovering more and more great sites!

Tiered trays are a cool project that I've seen on a lot of blogs recently. I did something similar for a Halloween party (including gluing plastic skulls on the edges of the plates) and it was awesome! Also faux apothecary jars.
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Here are a few things I keep meaning to find the time to do.
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Seconding Pinterest. It gave me the courage to make a mirror frame for our bathroom.

I have the courage, now I just need to pick frame, get a miter saw, a mirror, and construction adhesive.
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I like to try to find cheap stuff and make it look cute. For instance I wanted some storage bins, but they're really expensive even at Target! I found some cheap canvas ones at Dollar General but they were a little too cheap-looking. However I took some ribbon I had and wrapped it around the bin and tied a bow and it looks so cute! Also buying cheap lamps (I love Target's stick lamps) and then adding a little embellishment like fringe. Get yourself some hot glue and some E6000!
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Make silhouettes! I put them in cheap, tacky frames from the dollar bins at the craft store. Pretty & vintage-y; cute in the powder room or a bedroom or hall. You can do it in Photoshop (I don't know if that tutorial is any good; I don't have PS) or the old-fashioned way (easy!)

Our very own Jessamyn makes mossariums! Also easy & almost free. You can use old jam or sauce jars, or you can get prettily shaped jars fairly cheaply at craft of thrift stores. My mother-in-law has these all over her house and they add warmth & color.
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Mod Podge makes something called Hard Coat. It helps make fabric adhere to furniture and look almost painted on. I can send pics if you want. The fabric just doesn't look or feel like fabric at all (you can google for results too).

It has changed my life and my apartment forever. Quick, easy, super results. Super - I've turned at least a dozen people onto it.
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Seconding embroidery hoops, but not just with scarves. Any fabric you fancy will do...if you can turn a screw and use scissors, you can make these!
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Nail together a wood frame, stretch awesome fabric over it, and staple into place. Ta da, wall art! I think it would be cool to do a series of 3 or more in coordinating fabrics. Easy way to bring color into a room!
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For continued inspiration, you might check in at KnockoffDecor now and then.
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Seconding Design*Sponge, especially the DIY-tagged posts: http://www.designspongeonline.com/category/diy-projects.

Tons of creative decor projects and inspirational eye candy.
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I really like the book shelves that are made out of books. So meta!
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Framing and hanging pictures made from things that weren't intended to be pictures is fun and can be pretty damn nice.

For an example, you could find vintage placemats, frame 'em, and hang them up.
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Making gift bows from magazine pages (or other materials) is extremely addictive, and easy, too.
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