City of Brotherly Tailor Recommendations? Eh?
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PhiladelphiaFilter: Tell me about your excellent experiences with a tailor in Philadelphia. Bonus points for east of Broad Street in Center City.

I'm a guy that needs to get some pants hemmed in Philadelphia. I've consulted Yelp, etc. I was met with indifference at Master Tailor and Cleaners on a previous visit, but if you've been there and think I should give them a second chance, let me know.
Steve's looks intriguing, but I'm a little nervous about only having seven reviews.

Does anyone have any specific examples of a good tailor in Philadelphia? I'd prefer to just have to have this done once, rather than go somewhere else if the work is not sufficient the first time. And east of Broad Street would be fantastic!
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You might call Boyd's to see if they do alterations of clothes you already own. They are on Chestnut, a couple blocks west of Broad.
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Aha, thanks. Though it kind of sounds like it might be only for clothes purchased at Boyd's, but can't hurt to call them.
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Just a basic pants hem, nothing vintage or fancy? Honestly, no need to overthink it -- pretty much any corner dry cleaner can ably handle this.
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Gloria's tailor and dry cleaners on 10th between Locust and Spruce. She rocks.
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Oh, 8dot3's suggestion reminds me to warn you against Bob's Place, a few doors down on 10th. I had really, really great alteration work done on some tricky pieces by the older couple who used to own the place, but I had a bad experience with the younger woman to whom they sold it.
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Thanks for the tips, esp. about that I shouldn't overthink!
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Rim's, a bit west of where you're looking (22nd and South), but totally fine and professional. And cheap!
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Thanks for the tips, esp. about that I shouldn't overthink!

Oh, glad that this advice was helpful. My SO seeks out good-quality pants secondhand and has them tailored -- he picks whichever very-convenient-to-home tailor gives him the better spidey-sense of "knows his shit." A totally non-scientific sample says older folks are better, though I had a great tailor at 7th and Chestnut who was a younger woman.

Where are you in Center City?
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That's a great idea desuetude; I've thought about doing the same but haven't really pursued it to seriously. I'm a bit south of South in Queen Village.
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Have you tried around 4th and South (the so-called "garment district")?
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Since you are in that neighborhood, stop by one of the vintage stores (there's one on 4th between Bainbrige & Monroe, one on 6th & Bainbridge amongst others) and ask them for a recommendation. I'd think someone in that business would have a really good tailor to recommend.
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Indeed! So obvious, embarrassed that didn't occur to me earlier -- many thanks.
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What a wonderfully apropos question. I just moved here a month ago, and I'm trying to find a good men's shop, tailor, dry cleaner, &c.

Just so you know, I asked a woman working at Sazz (a vintage shop on 3rd between Market and Arch), and she said Steve was amazing.
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