Help me buy Bulk Action Sports Goods
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How do I find closeout sales on action sports goods or bulk buys of last seasons goods?

Ideally Volcom, Hurley, Billabong and other big surf brands... not interested in affiliate programs, but drop shipping would be cool as well.
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You might be interested in keeping an eye on, if you idea of 'bulk' includes gaylord-to-truck sizes and you're capable of picking up yourself.
posted by Orb2069 at 3:26 PM on May 26, 2011

Not sure if I completely understand your question, but on-line shop "Steep and Cheap" and what I can only assume are it's various "brands" (Whiskey Militia, Chainlove, Backcountry, Dogfunk, Tramdock & Brociety) sell closeout/discount items that could variously be described as surfer, biker, skateboarder, outdoors, etc. They tend to have one item at a time and sell it for a certain period of time at that price and them move to a new product. Makes you keep an eye on them, but I've gotten some pretty nice deals there.
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Response by poster: is a good start, just a needle in a haystack issue. Steep and Cheep is really focused on consumers.
posted by matimer at 6:54 PM on May 26, 2011

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