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How do people in Montreal and Toronto find work?

I'm considering a relocation to Toronto or Montreal and would like to begin exploring the respective employment scenes. Any standard websites I should know about? I've worked in writing and film production but will also be looking to branch out, to advertising/marketing/pr. Both English and French are fine.

Any ideas/experiences welcomed!
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workopolis is one site that's popular.
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It is worth checking the want ads at
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Sometimes there are jobs on that aren't just for counselling/shelters, but for not-profits looking for someone in your field (to help design a campaign etc).

Honestly, I got my job off of Craigslist. It's a great job. I think this is the exception though.

I also had a good experience working with employment agencies in the area. Sometimes there are age limits to using them.

If you're bilingual, check out government positions for sure (if you don't mind working provincial/federal jobs). The government sometimes has a surprising number of creative-type positions.
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I've started using Indeed for job searches. It's incredible, aggregates Craigslist, Job Bank, Workopolis, plus tons of other resources.
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Best answer: Specific to the media/marcomm industry is, I've know many people in marketing, media production to go there first. is also good for video production specifically.

LinkedIn has also been a really good resource, when I filled it out with the details it was pretty good with customizing the job listings to things I had an aptitude in.
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Workopolis is basically the for Canada. (Well, really, is the of Canada, but you get my drift. Workopolis is big and popular.)

For advertising-ish jobs, try the 'Careers' section on Marketing Mag (there usually aren't a ton of jobs, but they are usually good jobs.) Especially if you are mid-career, i'd recommend following people on twitter who live in toronto and work in your field ... i see people tweeting job posts all the time.

And, of course, like anywhere, a huge proportion of jobs are found via networking. So as soon as you arrive, start going to networking events.
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Oh yeah also wanted to recommend connecting with a recruiting company. My experience with marketing/advertising recruiters is that they won't be interested in working with you if you truly have no experience, but as long as you've got a couple years experience they can be very helpful.

(I think the age limit thing that robot-hugs is referring too probably refers only to government 'youth employment' centers. There won't be any age limits anywhere else - cuz that's age discrimination :)
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Best answer: Media Job Search Canada
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Response by poster: Thanks all! This is exactly what I was looking for. Media Job Search Canada and Indeed look especially promising...
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Best answer: For Montreal, follow these twitter accounts: Isarta, Infopressejobs, Grenier aux emplois. Sometimes MTLtweetjobs has good ones but it only gets posted irregularly. There's also the Emploi Qu├ębec search engine.
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