Displayport Shenanigans
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Is it possible to daisy chain these dell display port hubs by getting three of them to run 6x monitors off a single macbook displayport.

It looks like 3 off of a single port should be no problem, but I have not been able to determine if plugging 6 monitors into two hubs and then plugging those hubs into an additional hub resulting in a single cable for output is feasible.

Any other multi displayport hub solutions would be awesome as well.
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Are you going to run the monitors mirrored or as a huge extended desktop? Even if the hardware works out, I don't think a laptop's video card will support all the pixels on six monitors if they're not mirrored or way way under maximum resolution.
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No - not only would most cards not support this (let alone a laptop card), but the hubs are dual DP to 3xDVI - chaining would require DP/DVI adapters, and that's going to fail mightily trying to split images out and all.

Matrox sells these, but they're still going to be limited to three DP from a single DP.
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Ok, sorry, the Dell one is a DP and a USB for power, same as the Matrox - still, you're not going to get resolution for more monitors out of the card.
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